Letter of Support from the Georgian Parliament

Letter of support from the Parliament of Georgia


The Business and Economic Centre (BEC), part of Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International (EPDI) and operating in Georgia, was praised in a letter of support written by Beka Mikautadze, Head of the Cabinet Office of Chair of the Parliament in Georgia.

In his letter, Mr. Mikautadze highlighted that BEC’s project “Effective Legislature for Inclusive Economic Growth” answers the Parliament’s institutional needs concerning the wide range of issues. These include  regional economic development, decentralisation, agriculture and food safety, enabling legislative environment for businesses, direct dialogue with foreign investors, strengthening economic research capacity of the Parliament as well as fostering a discussion on Parliamentary ethics.

Mr. Mikautadze then went on to stress that the BEC’s mentioned project will enhance the Parliament’s institutional capacity, inform judgments of Members of the Parliament on complex economic issues, improve dialogue with businesses of any second and size, strengthen the Parliamentary oversight and enhance its communication with the wider public.

The BEC is a neutral, non-lobbying, non-profitable and cross-party mechanism, which aims at strengthening the legislative dialogue between Parliament and economic operators. Frederick Hyde-Chambers, Executive Chairman of EPDI commented: “BEC is an example of how a dialogue Centre can be a powerful means of facilitating answers to issues while building capacity.”

Mr. Mikautadze indicated that the Cabinet Office of the Chairman of Parliament was willing to see BEC as a sustainable and nationally owned resource for the Parliament of Georgia and its growing economy.

Archil Bakuradze, Chairman of BEC, said: "Georgia's commitment to democracy is deep and genuine and the new, constitutionally empowered Parliament is a great testimony. We are privileged to support the Georgian legislature in its effort to become proactive in respect to the economy. Parliament is perfectly positioned - perhaps much better then Executive - to engage in an effective and structured dialogue with the nation's businesses. That's why it is of utmost importance that business listens to the Parliament in order to understand a real political and socio-economic context". 

For more information on the BEC, please visit http://www.bec.ge/