Our Values


We recognize that every individual in the world wants to be secure from fear: fear of hunger, poverty, arbitrary imprisonment and violence. We recognize that every individual deserves to be free to realize their aspirations, to speak freely and to practice their faith. We believe that democracy, for all its weaknesses, has proved to be the most effective way of protecting individuals and of facilitating answers to the questions we face concerning societies, economies and an environment in transition.

As an organization underpinned by these principles, our responsibility is to ensure that our activities practically support this approach and these values through maintaining our Common Code of Principles, endorsed by both the EU and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Common Code of Principles

The programmes are independent and non-partisan.

The programmes are mutually educational and informative.

The participants undertake to honour the time commitment required by the study programme.

The programmes ensure that participants will not promote partisan views while on attachment.

The schemes support those outside the Parliament (businesses) to be actively engaged in the democratic process in a legitimate, non-corrupt and transparent way.

The programmes ensure that enterprises undertake not to use their relationship with a Dialogue Centre for lobbying purposes.

The programmes ensure that enterprises undertake to be as open and frank as possible.

Participants undertake to keep in confidence information of a sensitive nature.

It is the responsibility of each national organisation to monitor its programmes and develop their quality.

The participants will receive no fee or be liable for any expenses related to the programme.

Conducting non-partisan analysis and research and disseminating the results to the decision makers and general public as well as programmes designed to increase awareness, knowledge and information about the issue of concern without using influencing actions is not a lobbying activity.

The business and parliament schemes do not represent or lobby on behalf of businesses. The EPDI national schemes do enrich participating parliamentarians' understanding of their national economies through the programmes, based on a practitioner-to-practitioner approach.