Risk Management

The Dialogue Centre model has proven invaluable for facilitating understanding and aiding the development of sound economic policy across a huge range of contexts; but undoubtedly our biggest challenges have come from our work with countries in transition - those working towards democracy and stability in undeniably uncertain times.


These are also the nations best positioned to benefit from what Dialogue International has to offer: expert advice, delivered transparently and in the interests of the public good and not special interests. Through our work in Armenia, Moldova, Mongolia and Georgia, we have seen directly the value of a trusted facilitator between business and parliament in environments where consultation processes have traditionally been weak.


For countries in transition, the Dialogue Centre model functions as a risk management tool, providing a transparent means for conducting relationships with politicians and business people who often operate in corrupt environments, a gateway to engagement with the broader community, and a means of dealing with issues sensitively and, ultimately, effectively. Enterprise and parliamentarians alike benefit from Dialogue International's provision of a transparent means to conduct relationships, a guaranteed means of effective communications to manage challenges efficiently, and quality research on the local economy. Ultimately, strengthened good governance and sustainable business practices build on one another to produce reliable economies primed to deliver.


Dialogue International's success is partly due to its franchise-like structure. Dialogue Centres produce locally-tailored solutions for local problems within a reliable, internationally-endorsed framework.


Metholodology and approach is transferred to the nationally-owned Dialogue Centres, from which programmes are delivered in the first instance. However, the integrity and quality of the service is guaranteed internationally through over-arching guidance and support from our London office, ensuring that the standards embodied in our Common Code of Principles are maintained. As a result, every local Dialogue Centre is a reliable vehicle for delivering the transparent, non-corrupt, dedicated service necessary to produce mutually beneficial relationships between business and parliament.