"Economic and democratic development should go hand in hand. I support the work that Dialogue International has been doing to build the capacity of Parliaments around the world".

Henry Bellingham MP, Minister for Africa, The UN, Overseas Territories and Conflict Issues

"BP supports the enterprise development and improved business climate through transparent and effective dialogue between Georgian businesses, parliament and the government."

Statement by BP on its support for the Dialogue Centre in Georgia (Business and Economic Centre, bec.ge)

"I am delighted that the EU supports the development of the Business and Parliament Scheme of Georgia as a transferable model for other emerging democracies".

H E Mrs Nino Burjanadze, then Chair of Parliament, Georgia

"The Gudori reviews reflected in best practice in bringing together the entire spectrum of stakeholders, the Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia, Chairs of the main Parliamentary Committees, the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and business representatives and experts. This ensured the effectiveness of the pre-parliamentary review and created the precedent of a forum where business could openly address parliamentarians in a transparent manner. The new approach proposed clearly improve understanding between “Parliamentarians and business."

Roman Gotsiridze, then MP and Chairman of the Budget Committee, Parliament of Georgia

"From the experience of other countries with these business and Parliament chapters, this Armenian chapter can be an effective, transparent means for those in Parliament and business to develop legislation for the benefit of the whole national economy."

H E Tigran Torosian, then Chair of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

"an invaluable platform to enhance dialogue, knowledge sharing and collaboration between the legislature and the private sector".

Edward Brown, World Bank Country Director, Moldova

"I consider this a very interesting and useful initiative which will – in the long run – undoubtedly contribute to the democratisation of the legislative process in the countries concerned."

Josep Borrell, Fontelles MEP, then President of the European Parliament


All those involved in the EPDI have considerable practical experience of national Dialogue Centres, with a number of our members having previous involvement with the International Association of Business and Parliament (IABP) which supported countries in developing Dialogue Centres and shared experiences between them.

Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International was founded in 2011 as a not for profit organisation to carry on this work,  and more effectively  respond to the needs of a very changed business and political climate, particularly in countries in transition.

Thus, while the following endorsements refer to the IABP, their comments also refer to EPDI which now carries on this work.


"I would like to thank International Association of Business & Parliament ... for all the activities arranged by the Association in Georgia. I was particularly pleased with the extremely positive two rounds of Tax Code Review organized in Gudauri.

The Gudauri reviews indeed demonstrated the best practice in bringing together the entire spectrum of stakeholders – [the] Chairperson of Parliament of Georgia, Chairs of the main parliamentary committees, [the] Prime Minister, [the] Minister of Finance, Business and Experts. This ensured the efficiency of the pre-committee review and created a precedent of a format where businesses could openly address Parliament and Government in a transparent manner. The new approach proposed by IABP clearly built and improved understanding between parliamentarians and businesses.

In her statements made in the media, Mrs Burjanadze, Chairperson of Parliament of Georgia also expressed her gratitude to the IABP for sharing effective instruments of healthy dialogue between the Parliament and Business representatives in Gudauri.

I would encourage your Association to continue this extremely useful process of know-how transfer. I look forward to applying [the] Business and Parliament Scheme as an effective mechanism for policy dialogue and a reliable source of expertise on the matters of importance for Georgian economy and business in general. I think that [the] list of topics for next phase of your activity in Georgia may include issues such as privatization, budget transparency, public accounts (Chamber of Control) etc.

We will be setting the Board comprised of MPs and Businesses that will be non-partisan and representative of all sectors of economy to build the model up to the standards set by the IABP."

Roman Gotsiridze, then MP and Chairman of the Budget Committee, Parliament of Georgia

"Let me express my deep respect to you personally and IABP activity in Georgia. After our meeting a couple of months ago, when we discussed [the] urgent need of straightforward, transparent and healthy relations between businesses an Members of Parliament in Georgia, a lot has been done by IABP representatives and yourself [towards] establishing such relations. It is worth mentioning, that seminars and meetings devoted to [the] New Tax Code review organized by you in Gudauri have made [a] great contribution to [the] further elaboration of [the] proposed tax code. These two rounds of tax code review have helped to develop proper dialogue between all major stakeholders (Business, Parliamentarians, Government, Experts).

It proves IABP offers a totally a new approach and its ability to understand the needs of Georgian MPs and [the] Business community is notably different and effective. We hope that [the] IABP will continue its activity in Georgia and will come up with new initiatives."

Badri Japaridze, Vice President of the TBC Bank and Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the TBC Bank, Georgia